Highly Responsive Executive Search Consulting Service

executive servicesIf you are a C-level executive, University President, NFP Executive Director or board member/trustee with responsibility to grow and develop your organization we are ready to help attract “A Level” people to your team. KULPER & COMPANY has proven experience identifying the very best talent for the most important leadership positions.

Once we hear what you have to say we will be able to quickly introduce the right professionals with the drive, ability and confidence to do an exemplary job. We know that there are many options when it comes to solving hiring challenges including internal recruiting departments, contingency recruiting firms and other 

Every company, university or not for profit association we support has a set of goals and objectives that include aims such as: revenue growth, increased profit margin, market share, customer satisfaction and product development. What about the degree of enthusiasm of your colleagues for the work at hand, though…often evidenced in the perception of the enterprise over a longer period of time. How smart are the people in the organization? Do they make a contribution to the industry or field in which they compete or operate? Are the products or service solution they offer considered just OK and priced to sell, or are they truly first rate?

We always say that we will be able to develop excellent candidates very quickly once we know what the hired candidate will be expected to accomplish in years 1, 2 and 3. This is in essence, the candidate’s “to do” list—or, KEY PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES(KPOs). This is not a mind numbing list of “responsibilities” or preferred personality traits etc., which are part of a job description. Rather, this is a concise list of things the candidate needs to accomplish –by when—in order to be viewed a “success” by the hiring decision maker. Qualified candidates love this because the KPOs are clear. If they believe they can accomplish them they are ready to go—if not, they drop away.

Once we have the KPOs from the hiring executive we put together the position description in an attractive and professional manner, post it on our website and let our global contact network know about the opportunity—-and then we start aggressively identifying and qualifying candidates!

In today’s environment we are able to present the first candidate within a few days of announcing the search. By the end of a few weeks we typically have qualified and presented 6-8 candidates. A search for a key hire can be finished quickly and efficiently when the right candidates are attracted to the opportunity from the get-go.